Custom LF RFID antenna solutions

For LF 125 and 134,5 kHz systems, IdentSystem offer our customers the option of having antennas tailor-made for their applications.

Do you need a large antenna that covers a wide area, or maybe a very small to fit in a specific spot? Maybe shaped as a rectangle, square or a circle or to be fitted and screwed in place like a bolt

We can help you with most requests and adapt our antyennas to your needs. We can do this for both our own IDeal125 and IDeal134 (TambourID) systems and the Baumer OIS-L readers. Contact us for more details.

New series RFID cable ties from HellermannTyton

We at IdentSystem AB are to be able to offer our customers the possibility of purchasing HellermannTytons range of RFID tags. Their products consist of plastic or metal cable ties, cradles and hextags – all with embedded RFID tags – from LF, HF and UHF depending on the model.
The cable ties are available in an assortment of sizes and colours (more details soon on or

Using cable ties for RFID tagging is an excellent way of marking equipment and tools for tracking, identification, inventory or maintenance purpose, as well as affixing to fixed positions for control, repair and maintenance routines.

The polyamide cable ties is available with HF RFID tag in yellow and 200mm long as well as yellow, black or Light blue as 13,56MHz HF tags.

The stainless steel cable ties can be found as 13,56MHz HF or 869MHz UHF tags at lengths form 201 up to 838mm length – all in red colour.

The cradles are suitable for up to 7,5 mm wide cable ties and are equipped with an HF RFID tag.

For locations or situations when a cable tie is not suitable, there is also the hextag, which can be affixed to a surface by screw, bolt or glued.

More information will be available shortly on, or on our swedish webshop If you cannot wait, get in touch with us on

Barcode and RFID working in harmony

In some cases, RFID is the most efficient solution to a specific issue, at some times it is barcodes. At other times you might have to use both technologies to make the best outcome for the customer.

Ident System has in a couple of cases successfully combined the technologies in warehouse/logistics settings where the forklift has been equipped with both our EVS138 in a master-slave configuration to increase the reading area and an IDeal125, with an antenna mounted under the forklift to read tags embedded in the concrete floor.

When the WMS process is started, the forklift approaches the pallet to be moved and the RVS138 automatically start scanning for the code and read it- Thanks to the Master-Slave configuration of two EVS138, a large area can be scanned at a distance up to 13 meters. When the code is read the driver will get instructions where the pallet should be delivered on his terminal. This truck-mounted terminal will be communicating with both EVS138 and IDeal125 through an RS232 interface.

When the truck reaches the drop-off location, for example, a container to be loaded, the antenna mounted at the underside of the forklift reads a tag embedded in the concrete floor and either confirm that the correct destination has been reached, or raise a warning that the wrong tag has been read.

This whole WMS process is set so that it is totally automatic, with only input from the driver being when the process is started, right before the pallet is picked up. Closure of the process is done automatically only when the pallet has been dropped off at the correct destination, if the tag at the location is wrong,m the process will not close.

EVS144 code reader for difficult situations

Ident System AB EVS144 Imager is a code scanner developed for forklift mounting. Besides taking the difficult environmental condition into consideration during its design, it is also made to handle long reading distances up to 15 meters and difficult reading situations such as codes burnt into the wood in a sawmill, or barcodes that are cut out of a metal sheet (negative codes) and attached to a log.

EVS144 is available in two versions, as imager or line camera where the line camera is designed to handle harsh environments and outdoor use on fork lifts.

Both versions are equipped with external lightning to enable reading in very dark environments. EVS144 is ideal for Sawmills, paper mills, warehouses and storage, and outdoor situations.

Tracking the value chain with UHF

For use in the paper packaging industry, IDent System AB has designed an UHF-based system for tracking the paper rolls through the process. Starting from when the tambours are cut down to size for production, the tags are inserted automatically by the cutting machine and will then stay in place until the roll is emptied, allowing complete traceability through the whole process form papermill to the finished packaging.

This particular case is for drink containers, and the tags are tested and approved for use in food industry.

Since the roll has been identified through all its manufacturing steps in the paper mill by its TambourID, by tagging the roll as it is cut up, it is possible to track the roll back through the original paper-making process at the paper mill – especially important in the controlled food industry.

When it arrives at the printer – all data about printing, lamination and other processes will be added to the information and when the final product – a filled drink package leaves the plant, it can later be traced back all the way through manufacturing by connecting its barcode to the roll in case of for example quality issues where traceability is very important.

Naturally, the TambourID, UHF system and final barcodes will also be used to control the logistics flow, and specify how the tambour should be cut, how the individual roll should be printed/treated as well as what package it’s being prepared for.

The story behind Ident System

In our newsletters, we always tell you about our existing and coming products and solutions, but seldom about ourselves and the background of Ident System AB.
We now thought it was time to change that, and here is a short history of the company and our corse products.

It all started by the end of the 1980s when Saab-Automation developed analog CCD cameras in addition to barcode scanners and tag readers for industrial use within various applications. These cameras were commonly used in the wood processing and automobile industries. Even microwave-based RFID technology was found in the product portfolio.

In 1990 Saab Automation was acquired by Swiss Baumer and the company in Sweden become Baumer Ident AB. Baumer further developed these cameras and invested much effort into widening their original RFID portfolio with additional systems, mainly 125kHz but also UHF based products.

During the 2000s, Baumer Ident AB was sold to Identec Solutions AG who moved the business to Austria.

In 2010 former employees of Baumer and Saab decided to develop a new generation of digital cameras based on previous experience and know-how, unveiling a whole new range of digital cameras was ready by the autumn of 2013. To sell, market and develop the new product the company Ident System AB was registered at that same time and EVS138 and EVS144 were introduced and reached huge success within the paper industry. During 2016 Ident System AB launched the EVS144 Imager – a unique product for the market.

Parallel to this, a replacement that is fully compatible with Baumer/Identecs RFID system OIS-L has been developed and during 2015 a new UHF reader was launched.

In 2017 Identsystem started cooperation with Dobot regarding sales and distribution of robotic arms for education, hobby, test, and the smaller industry.

Many involved throughout the years are partners in the company today. This has ensured that the product knowledge, development, and expertise for RFID and code readers have been kept in a unique way enabling the ability to develop completely new products.

We are launching a complete UHF line this autumn

As a complement to our Ideal125 and 134 series, we will be launching a complete line of RFID-UHF products this autumn.
Because of the LF versus UHF different characteristics, we believe this will make us able to even better than before adapt and implement our systems with our customers

Compared to LF, UHF systems typically have markedly longer reading distance, reads faster and can use active tags – UHF tags are often also cheaper.
LF has shorter reading distance, which can be an advantage to avoid several tags being read at the same time, the LF can also sometimes be an advantage for precision reading in difficult environments such as where there are many metal surfaces or water around. LF antennas can also be custom made to demand since certification is not needed.

What we plan do present to you is:

A series of three UHF-RFID readers with 4 ports, compact build and longe range reading capabilities. There will be versions developed for embedded use and battery-powered with internal Linux-platform for stand-alone use when needed. Example of application areas for our coming readers is Pos, High-performance handheld systems, Self-service kiosks, Industrial automation, access control, smart shelves, etc.

Details about tags will be released later, but a range is planned from cable tie markers of goods, labels for warehousing up to industrial use and food products.

Our main range of UHF-antennas will initially be adapted to those most suited for optimizing the use of our readers and tags, and those environments we feel will be of most use for our customers.

If you have any special needs in UHF – readers, tags or antennas. Please contact us and we will do our best to include this in our new range!

IdentSystem is back from vacation

Most of the summer is over and we hope you have had a good rest. Here at Ident System, we are already looking forward to an exciting autumn and winter and we wanted to share some of what will happen with you.

Office in Hong Kong
We have been busy in Hong Kong this summer setting up a presence and will now begin the real work of introducing IdentSystem in APAC region. We know that there are many Baumer units that are getting to the stage where they need replacement, and our Barcode and RFID readers are the easiest way to do this. If you know you have sites in Asia, do not hesitate to contact us and we can present our products to them directly.

Updated Pan/Tilt unit for EVS144
To accommodate those with a need of a more compact pan/tilt unit for the EVS144, we are now introducing a smaller, more modern version as a complement to the older model. The Older model will not be replaced, but kept in stock for those of our customers that already are using that model – or new customers that want it.

New RFID product areas – Tags and UHF readers
In our efforts to fulfill our customers’ system needs, we will also start to build a network of suppliers for UHF RFID readers, and antennas. More information later on, if you already have specific needs, please contact us.
We will also start keeping some more specialized tags on stock, as well as improving our range of suppliers and tags for both LF as UHF.

Product category – Volume scanning
We already sent out a newsletter before summer about the new product category in static and dynamic volume scanning where packets and pallets can be automatically measured and weighed, with date communicated to pc or WMS. During autumn we will gradually send out more information about the alternatives.

Dokivision dynamic and static volume measurement systems

From Dokivision we offer a selection of different volume measurement systems both static and dynamic as well as for smaller sized items up to forklifted pallets and items passing the scanner on a conveyer belt.
Below is a short presentation of the systems, please contact Ident System for full information. They can also be combined with our Barcode and RFID readers for more efficient tracking.

Small dimensions (90*60*230m) makes this a very compact laser based dimensioning and weighing station for objects of a min size 4*4*1cm and max size 80*60*60cm. Max weight of the object is 60kg and it communicates through RS232, Ethernet or WiFi.

Larger then DEM600 (114*114*187m), DEM700 is made especially for measuring objects from 1.5*1.5*1.5cm to 70*70*90cm Max weight of the object is 100kg and it communicates through RS232, Ethernet or WiFi. DEM700 can be set up to measure dimensions either by lasewr- or ultrasonic sensors, depending on the accuracy needed and special requirements from the object (a laser sensor cannot for example be used to measure transparent objects or objects with mirrored sides.)

DEM100D is a dynamic dimensioning system developed for use over conveyor belts. It can handle conveyor speeds up to 0.5m/s and is equipped with a code scanner for identification of the object being scanned. DEM100D can weigh objects from 0.2kg to 30kg and handle sizes from 20*20*10cm to 80*70*80cm.

DEM100P is a dimensioning system developed for use with pallets placed in the system by for example a forklift. DEM100P can weigh objects up to 1000kg and handle sizes from 20*20*20cm to 150*150*200cm.

Newsletter summer break

IdentSystems newsletter will now take a summer break until August, we hope that you will have a nice summer vacation until then and take this opportunity to remind our Swedish customers about our summer offer on Honda robotic lawnmowers to help you relax in the shade.
Lämna över gräsklippningen till Honda Miimo. Hondas intelligenta robotgräsklippare som är fullständning självgående och klipper din gräsmatta helt automatiskt. Läs mer om Honda Miimo på Hondas hemsida!