EVS138 Line Camera

The reader will read most common barcodes. It is based on solid-state CCD-technology that can withstand the tough industrial environments of forklift truck applications including the shock and vibration loading. The EVS138 read head does not contain any moving
parts that may wear. It can withstand heat, cold, dust and water. The CCD technology used in the EVS138 provides extremely good reading capabilities. It can cope with badly printed or damaged codes as well as inkjet printed codes on porous surfaces.


  • Long reading distance
  • Large depth of sharpness range
  • Reads through sheeting
  • Reads punch metal barcodes
  • Reads barcodes of low printing quality
  • Reads inverse codes (A code made up of light bars and dark spaces)
  • Reads shadow codes (A punched code in front of an even background with diagonal illumination)

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