Paper industry


Our RFID products are used both in the production process as well as in different logistical solutions, both internal and external.

Our code readers have the ability to read awkward codes such as ink printed on a surface, which is not uncommon in the timber, paper/pulp industries.

Application Examples

RFID-based Tambour-ID

Ident System AB has in the past years successfully installed well over 30 systems and more are on the way. The customers have greatly appreciated the quick and easy installation and the good performance of the systems.

Tambour identification at paper mills has in the past mostly been done using Microwave-based systems. That hardware is now getting to a point where it needs to be replaced in order to warrant a safe and trouble-free operation in the mills. Since a few years, Ident System AB offers an economic and well-proven replacement system based on LF-RFID (134,2 kHz) instead of the microwave systems.

The system consists of one or several Ideal134 reader connected to the present Mill Executive System and will keep track of Tambour-ID, orientation and acceptable destinations. The Tambour-ID system easily integrates with various MES e.g. Honeywell Optivision, ABB Automation, Paperline and similar systems. For systems that communicate via the older ZIOX interface we have developed our ZIOX-host controller (ZIOX-HC) to automatically poll and convert the signal between interfaces.

IdentSystem AB also provide antennas in standard and customises sizes and water classifications. For those situations when proximity to metal or other interference doesn’t match the factory trim of the antenna, the Antenna Tuning Unit, ATU134 can be connected between the antenna and Ideal134 reader. The ATU134 is available with or without tuning indicator.
For those models without tuning indicator we recommend our Antenna Tuning Controller ATC134, which when connected to a voltmeter or oscilloscope makes the tuning procedure easy.

We have put together a short system description of our Tambour-ID solution that can be downloaded from our here: Link to Tambour-ID pdf.