Dokivision dynamic and static volume measurement systems

From Dokivision we offer a selection of different volume measurement systems both static and dynamic as well as for smaller sized items up to forklifted pallets and items passing the scanner on a conveyer belt.
Below is a short presentation of the systems, please contact Ident System for full information. They can also be combined with our Barcode and RFID readers for more efficient tracking.

Small dimensions (90*60*230m) makes this a very compact laser based dimensioning and weighing station for objects of a min size 4*4*1cm and max size 80*60*60cm. Max weight of the object is 60kg and it communicates through RS232, Ethernet or WiFi.

Larger then DEM600 (114*114*187m), DEM700 is made especially for measuring objects from 1.5*1.5*1.5cm to 70*70*90cm Max weight of the object is 100kg and it communicates through RS232, Ethernet or WiFi. DEM700 can be set up to measure dimensions either by lasewr- or ultrasonic sensors, depending on the accuracy needed and special requirements from the object (a laser sensor cannot for example be used to measure transparent objects or objects with mirrored sides.)

DEM100D is a dynamic dimensioning system developed for use over conveyor belts. It can handle conveyor speeds up to 0.5m/s and is equipped with a code scanner for identification of the object being scanned. DEM100D can weigh objects from 0.2kg to 30kg and handle sizes from 20*20*10cm to 80*70*80cm

DEM100P is a dimensioning system developed for use with pallets placed in the system by for example a forklift. DEM100P can weigh objects up to 1000kg and handle sizes from 20*20*20cm to 150*150*200cm.

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