USB Reader USB125

Manufacturing industries very often have press- or stamping tools, consisting of many different parts that need to be assembled in the correct order to avoid damages to the tool. For critical parts, identification of item level might be necessary. Our reader USB125 comes with a separate holder, so it can easily be attached to the workplace where the assembly takes place. The critical tool parts are equipped with small glass tags (Ø2,12 x 12,2 mm), allowing an error-free identification.

A practical feature when working with stamping tools is the ability to track the tool usage. Re-sharpening of the tool can thus be kept to a minimum, prolonging the tool life and saving costs.

Below is an overview of supported tags:

EM4x025 bytes R/O
EM4x5032 x 4 bytes R/W, password
EM4x058 bytes R/O (ISO - FDXB)
HITAG 164 x 4 bytes R/W
HITAG 27 x 4 bytes R/W, password
HITAG S1,8,64 x 4 bytes R/W
Q58 x 4 R/W, password
TI-RFID64 bit R/O, (8 bytes R/O)
64 bitR/W, (8 bytes R/W)
1088 bit multipage, (17 x 8 byte R/W)