Conveyor Reader CR125

RFID is very often used in logistics centres for commissioning purposes. Our versatile readers CR125, in combination with our only 10 mm flat antennas, are easily integrated into roll-or conveyor systems. Thanks to the Ethernet interface and the Web browser console, it is very quick and easy to set up the reader. Simple commands facilitate the integration with the main computer system.

Below is an overview of supported tags:

EM4x025 bytes R/O
EM4x5032 x 4 bytes R/W, password
EM4x058 bytes R/O (ISO - FDXB)
HITAG 164 x 4 bytes R/W
HITAG 27 x 4 bytes R/W, password
HITAG S1,8,64 x 4 bytes R/W
Q58 x 4 R/W, password
TI-RFID64 bit R/O, (8 bytes R/O)
64 bitR/W, (8 bytes R/W)
1088 bit multipage, (17 x 8 byte R/W)