HellermannTyton RFID cable tie tags (LF/HF/UHF)

We at IdentSystem AB are able to offer our customers HellermannTytons range of RFID tags. Their product range consists of plastic or metal cable ties, cradles and hextags – all with embedded RFID tags – from LF, HF and UHF depending on the model.
The cable ties are available in an assortment of sizes and colors.

Using cable ties for RFID tagging is an excellent way of marking equipment and tools for tracking, identification, inventory or maintenance purpose, as well as affixing to fixed positions for control, repair and maintenance routines.

Polyamide Cable Ties with RFID tag T50RFID (LF, HF)

T50RFID is an easy to attach polyamide cable tie with LF or HF RFID tag, it is easy to install, both for fixed and temporary positions and keep a low profile.

Color: Yellow (LF, HF), Black (HF), Light blue (HF)
Material: Polyamide 6.6 (PA66)
LF (125 kHz) : 12*2 mm UNIQUE 64bit R/O
HF (13,56 MHz): 12*2 mm VIGO 1,6bit R/W
T50RFID is 4,6 mm wide and 200 mm in length

Stainless Steel Ties with RFID tag MBTRFID (HF, UHF)

MBTRFID is a stainless steel cable tie series for use in harsh environments where high tensile strength and durability is of importance.

Color: Red
Material: Stainless Steel (SS316), Polyester (SP)
HF (13,56 MHz): 10*3*2,5 mm VIGO 1024bit R/W
UHF (869 MHz): 10*2,5*2,5 mm Brick tag 512bit R/W
MBTRFID is available in 201, 362, 521, 681 and 838 mm lengths

Accessories with RFID tag CRADLE (HF)

The CRADLE is made to be used with cable ties up to 7,9 mm wide.

Color: Yellow
Material: Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
HF (13,56 MHz): 12*2 mm VIGO 1.6kbits R/W
The CRADLE’s dimensions are (l*w) 27,9*19,8 mm.

Cable Ties with RFID tag HEXTAG (LF, HF)

The HEXTAG’s central hole allows for simple mounting in applications where a cable tie solution is not suitable.

Color: Yellow
Material: Polyamide 6.6 (PA66)
LF (125 kHz) : UNIQUE 64bit R/O
HF (13,56 MHz): I-Code SL IxR/W 1024bit
The max diameter is 33.4 mm and thickness 8 mm. The mounting hole diameter is 5.2 mm.

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