RFID Antennas

Identification tasks in manufacturing industries, logistics and many other areas can mostly be solved using an antenna out of our standard line of antennas. They range from 100x100x15 mm up to 400x400x15 mm. Two sizes of cylindrical antennas are also part of the standard line; M30 L70mm and M18x1 L25mm. You can read more about our standard antenna on the IDEAL125 page.

However, there are instances, when there is very little space to mount a standard antenna. On other occasions, it might be desirable to integrate an antenna into some tool or other. Through our vast experience from working more than 30 years with RFID, we have the knowledge and tools to let us design and manufacture virtually any size and shape of special antennas.

As an example, we can mention a mini-antenna Ø5x18mm that was integrated into a special electric drill for the Aircraft Industry. For robot arm applications, we have manufactured antennas Ø10x50mm. Flat, rectangular antennas to be mounted directly on metal is yet another speciality. They come in sizes 20x32x10mm and 30x40x10mm.

All other sizes and shapes are just a request from you away.

Antennas are also available in different water protection classifications as well as different cable lengths and calibrated for use against different materials (air, metal etc).

Small example of Standard 125kHz antennae’s (Same sizes are also available for 134,2kHz systems)

Ideal125A rfid antenna

A2SX; X = SizeHWH-c/cW-c/c
A2SB x03 yyy01501508181
A2SC x03 yyy0225225156156
A2SD x03 yyy0275275206206
A2SE x03 yyy0400400331331

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