Antenna Tuning Unit ATU134

There are times when an RFID antennas tuning from the manufacturer needs to be fine tuned after installation in a system when the new environment differ from the standard. Outside interference, metals, cable length etc are examples of variables that might put the factory tuning away from optimal resonance frequency.

To simplify this tuning process in 134,2kHz systems, IdentSystem AB are offering our Antenna Tuning Unit ATU134 which is connected between the Reader unit and the Antenna and the system is trimmed by simple adjustment os the ATU138 capacitor values.

The ATU134 is available in two models:

  • R3MA024D01-01 which is easiest tuned with the help of our Antenna Tuning Controller ATC134 and a ordinary voltmeter or oscilloscope.
  • R3MA024D01-02 which is equipped with Antenna Tuning Indicator where 3 LED will show when optimal tuning is achieved.

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