EVS138 Imager for Pallet handling

Ident System EVS138 Imager is a barcode scanner designed for mobile forklift mounting used for pallet handling. To enable use with double pallets EVS138 was designed with the possibility of connecting several cameras in parallel in order to scan a wider area.

EVS138 camera and detector unit.
Dual-mounted EVS138 on forklift.

EVS138 imager will read all common barcodes and 2D codes. It is based on the latest matrix technology and can withstand the tough industrial environments of forklift truck applications, including the shock and vibration stresses. It can also be supplied with its own heating element for use in freeze storages or outdoors in cold environments down to minus 30 degrees Celcius.

EVS138 can also be integrated with RFID readers such as our Ideal125, for positional readings of floor-embedded tags. The EVS138 imager autofocus and built-in error correction capabilities allow it to read codes of varied quality at distances between 0,2 m up to 13 m. 

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