Upgraded Tambour-ID system and new tags with longer reading distance

Our TambourID solution has now become even more flexible thanks to a new communication board which enables communication even with old Premid/OIS-P hosts with the original configuration. As before, it can also function as a TCP/IP system where no polling interface is needed, previously an interface was needed to send ASCII character B to get the buffer read-out, but now this is handled by the new communications board. The new board also simplifies operation without a photo-electric switch.

Later this year, we will introduce a new TambourID tag fully compatible with our 134,2kHz system. We have increased the size of the coil, which enable us to read the tag at larger distances than before. More about this new tag in a coming newsletter.

We have put together a short system description of our Tambour-ID solution that can be downloaded from our website here: Link to Tambour-ID pdf.
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