New products in the EVS144 barcode reader family!

EVS144ng, a new and updated read head for the EVS144-family, and a totally new Pan Tilt where we redesigned not only the outside but also the inner mechanics and electronics of our previous model.

The EVS144NG is equipped with a state-of-the-art camera module and has a much higher performance than our previous models, reading distance up to 16 meters, improved autofocus and built-in lighting. It is IP67 classed and can work in temperatures down to -30C.

Our new Pan Tilt unit might resemble the previous model, but it is fully rebuilt with modern technology.
Based on robotics technology, it is fully programmable and can be controlled with precise movements.
The interface is also accessible for control from external applications, increasing the adaptability to customers’ needs.

The new units are compatible with our previous EVS144 range for upgrading.

We will release more information further on, but if you are already interested in the new products, contact us through the email below.