Using our EVS144 Line reader in the forest industry

Ident System AB EVS144 Line camera is a code reader in the EVS144 series that is easy to install because of its small dimensions.The Line reader in the series is an excellent choice for use in-, as well as  outdoors, as it both is capable of reading codes in strong sunlight, as well as being equipped with an external light that makes it possible to read even in dark environments, or outdoors at night time. It excels at reading badly printed codes, as well as inverted codes – for example when using stainless laser-etched barcodes in the wood industry. 
The line camera uses a fixed-focus system and have a reading range of 2-6 meter (x-dimen = 2 mm).

EVS144 Line camera has a joystick-controlled movable read-head which makes it suited for both fixed mounting such as entrance areas or conveyor belts, or forklift mounted.

The long reading distance, depth of sharpness and ability to read a wide range of codes as well as inverted codes, codes punched in metal sheets or low quality printed codes makes this a truly versatile series for use in harsh environments where reading conditions and/or a large flexibility to read a range of code types and object sizes are present.