Reliable Tambour-ID in paper processing industry

In paper manufacturing plants there is often a large number of machine rolls awaiting further processing, and it’s important to know which roll is which, and when it enters the processing, to know what to do with it. Any identification errors might lead to the wrong treatment of the paper roll and are expensive.

This can all be avoided by Identsystem AB’s RFID Tambour-ID system.

Identsystem AB’s Tambour-ID system is made for rough and dusty environments and communicates via a standard protocol, making it easy to integrate and compatible with older systems. The system is also compatible with older OIS-P systems.

The system consists of readers connected to the present Mill Executive System and will keep track of Tambour-ID, orientation and acceptable destinations. The Tambour-ID system easily integrates with various MES e.g. Honeywell Optivision, ABB Automation, Paperline and similar systems.

We have put together a short system description of our Tambour-ID solution that can be downloaded from our website here: Link to Tambour-ID pdf.