Using our EVS144 Line reader in the forest industry

Ident System AB EVS144 Line camera is a code reader in the EVS144 series that is easy to install because of its small dimensions.The Line reader in the series is an excellent choice for use in-, as well as  outdoors, as it both is capable of reading codes in strong sunlight, as well as being equipped with an external light that makes it possible to read even in dark environments, or outdoors at night time. It excels at reading badly printed codes, as well as inverted codes – for example when using stainless laser-etched barcodes in the wood industry. 
The line camera uses a fixed-focus system and have a reading range of 2-6 meter (x-dimen = 2 mm).

EVS144 Line camera has a joystick-controlled movable read-head which makes it suited for both fixed mounting such as entrance areas or conveyor belts, or forklift mounted.

The long reading distance, depth of sharpness and ability to read a wide range of codes as well as inverted codes, codes punched in metal sheets or low quality printed codes makes this a truly versatile series for use in harsh environments where reading conditions and/or a large flexibility to read a range of code types and object sizes are present.

Excellent reading performance with Identsystems Tambour-ID

If you want close to perfect read- and operational reliability IdentSystem AB’s Tambour-ID system performs so close to 100% that it is hardly measurable.

It is very easily adapted and tuned to the different harsh metallic environments.

The system can replace the Baumer Ident OIS-P and is ideal for new installations. Ideal134 give the user full traceability back to master systems such as MES and similar and is invaluable for operators to avoid errors in handling and to trace production and quality data.

The system consists of a reader connected to the present Mill Executive System and will keep track of Tambour-ID, orientation and acceptable destinations. The Tambour-ID system easily integrates with various MES e.g. Honeywell Optivision, ABB Automation, Paperline and similar systems.

We have put together a short system description of our Tambour-ID solution that can be downloaded from our website here: Link to Tambour-ID pdf.

IdentSystem are looking for international distributors

Do you want to start selling our products in your country or region?
We are now looking for distributors for our products with established networks in the paper- steel- and logistics/warehouse industry or working with Auto-Id products.

We have several unique and specialized products. That also comes with many years deep application know-how from the industry.

·         For the paper industry, our Ideal134 Tambour ID

·         Our EVS144 barcode reader series (developed for handling in paper, pulp and timber industry)

·         Our EVS138 barcode reader (for warehousing pallet application preferably truck mounted )

·         Tailor-made LF RFID antennas and tailor-made tags

For more information about products and applications please see

If you are interested in knowing more about distributing our products in your country or region, please send us a mail at

All of us at Ident System AB Wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

2021 was an eventful year for all of us, and we hope that 2022 will turn to the better. Despite everything that has happened, Identsytsem AB has had a stable year and we hope that life will soon go back to normal for all of us.

We also want to take the opportunity to inform you that IdentSystem will be closed for the holidays, from December 23 to January 7.

Forklift positioning data with RFID

This week we wanted to present one of our RFID solutions that we have got many questions about. It is the use of our IDEAL134 LF-RFID reader mounted on a forklift to control its position when picking up and/or delivering pallets, for example from a storage location to a container for further shipping.
The location data will be collected through a tag that is embedded in the concrete floor at the container location, or the storage space, and is read by a custom antenna mounted below the forklift. Pick-up and delivery location can then be read on the forklift’s onboard screen or sent on to a WMS.

RFID truck

Our own RFID products and systems suitable for the logistics industry are mainly working in the LF range (125kHz). This range relatively insensitive to its surroundings, working around both water, metal, ice and snow. Reading distances are typically within 50cm which naturally reduces the risk of cross-reading another tag in the vicinity. Another advantage is that the range is less regulated and antennas can be custom made to fit a specific application without needing to be tested and approved – thus allowing a high flexibility in antenna design.We do however also help out customer to whole systems, built around what is best for their application – there are after all times when a HF or UHF system is better suited to solve a particular problem.

Regarding the RFID tags, we have a large assortment of LF and other tags among our products, such as encapsulated tags for embedding in a concrete floor, small glass tags to embed in tools and machinery, UHF sticker tags for labeling of singer products or packages, even for use in the food industry. We have also tags suited for mounting on a piece of machinery or service location, that is scanned to document when the item is serviced controlled.

Custom RFID-Antennas for special needs

Identification tasks in manufacturing industries, logistics, and many other areas can often be solved using stock antennas. These consist of two sizes of cylindrical antennas (M30/L70mm and M18x1 L25mm), and square antennas from 100x100x15 mm to 400x400x15 mm.

However, there are instances, when there is very little space to mount a standard antenna, or when you want a different shape to optimise coverage as in circular or rectangular shape. On other occasions, it is desirable to integrate the antenna into a tool or machine.

Through our vast experience from working with RFID, we have the knowledge and tools that let us design and manufacture virtually any size and shape of special antennas.

As an example we can mention a mini-antenna Ø5x18mm that was integrated into a special electric drill for the Aircraft Industry. For robot arm applications, we have manufactured antennas Ø10x50mm. Flat, rectangular antennas to be mounted directly on metal is yet another speciality. They come in sizes 20x32x10mm and 30x40x10mm.

All other sizes and shapes are just a request from you away.

Read more about our RFID products on our homepage.

All of us at Ident System AB Wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

2020 was an eventful year for all of us, and we hope that 2021 will turn to the better. Despite everything that has happened, Identsytsem AB has had a stable year and we hope that life will soon go back to normal for all of us.

We also want to take the opportunity to inform you that IdentSystem will be closed for the holidays, from December 23 to January 7.

Handheld USB-reader for control, service and maintenance

IdentSystem USB125 is a small, portable USB LF reader. It is ideal for control processes in laboratory settings or inventory purposes. It is also well used in service situations as a portable reader in an environment where our IDeal125 reader is fixed installed and where you need a mobile unit for checking readers, inventory, or confirmation of reading data.
It is often used in maintenance: In manufacturing industry tools can be tagged (with for example a small glass tag) to track wear, sharpening and maintenance of press- or stamping tools, drills etc.

USB125 supports the following chips: EM4x02, EM4x50, EM4x05, HITAG1, HITAG2, HITAGS, Q5, TI-RFID which can be found in a variety of tag types, glass tags, Cable tie tags like HellermannTyton, regular disc tags etc.

Contact us for more information about USB125 and tags.

Ident System AB – Our RFID tags

Ident System carries a range of specialized and standard RFID tags on stock, or in some cases as made to order to adapt to our customer’s system. We will present a few of our most common tags here, but you might want to contact us to find the tag best suited for your specific needs.
When you want positional data for a forklift in the loading dock or factory floor to ensure that the load is taken to and from the right place, use our floor tag. The floor tag is part of a 125 kHz LF system and designed to be embedded in the floor – out of the way. All that is needed is to drill a small hole, drop in the tag, and refill the hole. Tag dimensions are 105 x 16 (diameter) mmWe typically install our Ideal125 LF reader in the forklift, connected to its terminal wich forwards the positional data to the WMS, etc. The antenna is mounted under the forklift.
For the packaging industry that manufactures for food and beverages companies, we have a UHF wet inlay tag suited for mounting inside the carton rolls.
We also have an LF 134.2 kHz tag especially developed for ID of Tambours in the paper industry. This tag is especially developed to handle the high demands of ruggedness and good readability when placed against a metal surface.
For tracking of tool (drills, milling machines etc) auto-selection and wear, we have a miniature glass tag working at 125 kHz. This is placed inside a milled slot in the tool and is ideally read by our handherld reader USB125 or similar.
For customers that still use the pc3103/xx (OIS-P) tags from Identec solution (Baumer) wich production were closed down in 2018, we offer customers a refurbishment program that makes the tags as new.The refurbishment program includes:
– exchange of battery = prolonged lifetime
– test of tags functions
– test of micro wave functions.
– The program is based on a minimum tag volume of 20 pc per batch or more.We can also offer a wide range of cable ties with LF/HF/UHF tags from HellermannTyton.

LF-Antennas of all sizes and shapes

For LF 125 and 134,5 kHz systems, IdentSystem we can custom make antennas for specific needs, to get that perfect fit that you need when working in difficult environments.
We can design antennas to work with both our own IDeal125  and IDeal134 (TambourID) systems as well as Baumer OIS-L readers, trimming them in advance for placement by metal or air.
Apart from the normal antennas, we can also offer threaded antennas to screw in holes like bolts, or small, boxed antennas. Other options are also available – we help you find the best solution for your needs.Contact us for more information.