Handheld USB-reader for control, service and maintenance

IdentSystem USB125 is a small, portable USB LF reader. It is ideal for control processes in laboratory settings or inventory purposes. It is also well used in service situations as a portable reader in an environment where our IDeal125 reader is fixed installed and where you need a mobile unit for checking readers, inventory, or confirmation of reading data.
It is often used in maintenance: In manufacturing industry tools can be tagged (with for example a small glass tag) to track wear, sharpening and maintenance of press- or stamping tools, drills etc.

USB125 supports the following chips: EM4x02, EM4x50, EM4x05, HITAG1, HITAG2, HITAGS, Q5, TI-RFID which can be found in a variety of tag types, glass tags, Cable tie tags like HellermannTyton, regular disc tags etc.

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