Use your old equipment with our modern EVS138 readers

We continue this year by presenting our next product in a series of new releases where refocus on increasing the life and compatibility of your existing system.

After Introducing our ZIOX-converter in our RFID line last year, we now present our EVS Signal Interface Converter (EVS-SIC)

You might want to keep your existing camera in a code reading system, while still needing to upgrade the readers to more modern technology. As always when merging new technology with old, there might be problems with communication between the units.
A common case we have seen is when a customer want to switch to our EVS138 readers while preferring to keep their old Baumer EVS128 or EVS134 cameras. Our EVS138 reader communicate via a 115.200 kbit/s interface, while the Baumer camera send its data at 12.000 kbit/s. By connecting our EVS-SIC between the units, the signal is converted seamlessly.
The EVS-SIC can of course be used for any kind of serial data conversion. The connection is made through standard RS232 interfaces both in and out, and the transfer rate on both ports can be selected between 12.000 to 115.200 kbit/s. Parity and/or Stop bits can also be converted.