Ideal125 – a flexible replacement to Baumer Ident OIS-L Series 77 reader.

Ident System IDeal125 LF-controller is fully compatible with the obsolete OIS-L Series-77 reader from Baumer Ident.

ideal125 rfid reader and ideal125a rfid antenna

Our IDeal125 LF-controller is a Read/Write device with two antenna ports that we developed to fill the gap that occurred when production of the Baumer Ident OIS-L product line was stopped.

Being a more modern design than the OIS-L, the IDeal125 has a number of additional features. We kept the external connections and the program commands identical to the old system so all existing cables and programs can be used without causing additional work or cost. New antennas are required but the housings are identical to the old OIS-L series.

To increase the compatibility options even further IDeal125 is avaliable in two different versions, one with a standard RS232 serial interface and the other with PROFIBUS, for compability with those systems that are running on PROFIBUS protocol.

Depending on antenna type and size, this powerful device can achieve a reading distance of up to 30 cm. The IDeal125 two channel controller allows near field and short range applications.

Read more about IDeal 125 on our product page.