More features in our Signal Interface Converter

A couple of weeks ago we introduced our EVS Signal Interface Converter (EVS-SIC) as our next product in a series of new releases where refocus on increasing the life and compatibility of your existing system.

That release was focusing on presenting the Serial Interface Conversion aspect of the Converter, but it has a second function.

By connecting the USB port to your trucks (or other devices) USB port, our EVS-SIC can act as a keyboard emulator instead of Signal Converter. This mean that a readers (RFID, Barcode) output when connected to the input of EVS-SIC can be transferred to a truck terminal as if typed on a keyboard.

As for the serial data conversion, the connection is made through standard RS232 interfaces both in and out, and the transfer rate on both ports can be selected between 1.200 to 115.200 kbit/s. Parity and/or Stop bits can also be converted.

The EVS-SIC can also be used for logic control, i.e. the unit can be programmed with a databse for verification of approved ID numbers, which are either used for verification that the tag is correctly read, or for control purposes of a connected unit.

Note that EVS-SIC can only be used as Signal Converter or keyboard emulator, not both simultaneously.