We are launching a complete UHF line this autumn

As a complement to our Ideal125 and 134 series, we will be launching a complete line of RFID-UHF products this autumn.
Because of the LF versus UHF different characteristics, we believe this will make us able to even better than before adapt and implement our systems with our customers

Compared to LF, UHF systems typically have markedly longer reading distance, reads faster and can use active tags – UHF tags are often also cheaper.
LF has shorter reading distance, which can be an advantage to avoid several tags being read at the same time, the LF can also sometimes be an advantage for precision reading in difficult environments such as where there are many metal surfaces or water around. LF antennas can also be custom made to demand since certification is not needed.

What we plan do present to you is:

A series of three UHF-RFID readers with 4 ports, compact build and longe range reading capabilities. There will be versions developed for embedded use and battery-powered with internal Linux-platform for stand-alone use when needed. Example of application areas for our coming readers is Pos, High-performance handheld systems, Self-service kiosks, Industrial automation, access control, smart shelves, etc.

Details about tags will be released later, but a range is planned from cable tie markers of goods, labels for warehousing up to industrial use and food products.

Our main range of UHF-antennas will initially be adapted to those most suited for optimizing the use of our readers and tags, and those environments we feel will be of most use for our customers.

If you have any special needs in UHF – readers, tags or antennas. Please contact us and we will do our best to include this in our new range!