IdentSystem is back from vacation

Most of the summer is over and we hope you have had a good rest. Here at Ident System, we are already looking forward to an exciting autumn and winter and we wanted to share some of what will happen with you.

Office in Hong Kong
We have been busy in Hong Kong this summer setting up a presence and will now begin the real work of introducing IdentSystem in APAC region. We know that there are many Baumer units that are getting to the stage where they need replacement, and our Barcode and RFID readers are the easiest way to do this. If you know you have sites in Asia, do not hesitate to contact us and we can present our products to them directly.

Updated Pan/Tilt unit for EVS144
To accommodate those with a need of a more compact pan/tilt unit for the EVS144, we are now introducing a smaller, more modern version as a complement to the older model. The Older model will not be replaced, but kept in stock for those of our customers that already are using that model – or new customers that want it.

New RFID product areas – Tags and UHF readers
In our efforts to fulfill our customers’ system needs, we will also start to build a network of suppliers for UHF RFID readers, and antennas. More information later on, if you already have specific needs, please contact us.
We will also start keeping some more specialized tags on stock, as well as improving our range of suppliers and tags for both LF as UHF.

Product category – Volume scanning
We already sent out a newsletter before summer about the new product category in static and dynamic volume scanning where packets and pallets can be automatically measured and weighed, with date communicated to pc or WMS. During autumn we will gradually send out more information about the alternatives.