The story behind Ident System

In our newsletters, we always tell you about our existing and coming products and solutions, but seldom about ourselves and the background of Ident System AB.
We now thought it was time to change that, and here is a short history of the company and our corse products.

It all started by the end of the 1980s when Saab-Automation developed analog CCD cameras in addition to barcode scanners and tag readers for industrial use within various applications. These cameras were commonly used in the wood processing and automobile industries. Even microwave-based RFID technology was found in the product portfolio.

In 1990 Saab Automation was acquired by Swiss Baumer and the company in Sweden become Baumer Ident AB. Baumer further developed these cameras and invested much effort into widening their original RFID portfolio with additional systems, mainly 125kHz but also UHF based products.

During the 2000s, Baumer Ident AB was sold to Identec Solutions AG who moved the business to Austria.

In 2010 former employees of Baumer and Saab decided to develop a new generation of digital cameras based on previous experience and know-how, unveiling a whole new range of digital cameras was ready by the autumn of 2013. To sell, market and develop the new product the company Ident System AB was registered at that same time and EVS138 and EVS144 were introduced and reached huge success within the paper industry. During 2016 Ident System AB launched the EVS144 Imager – a unique product for the market.

Parallel to this, a replacement that is fully compatible with Baumer/Identecs RFID system OIS-L has been developed and during 2015 a new UHF reader was launched.

In 2017 Identsystem started cooperation with Dobot regarding sales and distribution of robotic arms for education, hobby, test, and the smaller industry.

Many involved throughout the years are partners in the company today. This has ensured that the product knowledge, development, and expertise for RFID and code readers have been kept in a unique way enabling the ability to develop completely new products.