Complementing your TambourID system with our handheld USB reader.

If you have our 134.2 kHz TambourID system installed you might at times have run into a situation when you wanted to read the RFID tag installed on the tambour, but not had any other means to do this except for the fixed installed antennas. You might have suspected that the antenna or reader didn’t perform as it should, or that the tag was damaged and wanted to confirm the TagID or its function through in some additional way.

IdentSystems handheld USB reader can handle the TambourID tags and several other tags in the LF (125/134.2 kHz) range. It can be connected to your normal PC via USB and tag ID is read into the PC for verification. Our USB reader is also powered through the USB port, so no external power is necessary.

The USB reader can, of course, be used in other situations than the TambourID, it is suitable for a range of tags in the 125/134.2 kHz range, so have a look at our international site for details,
If you are from Sweden you can also purchase the reader from our webshop.