Identification products in Logistics industry 2 – RFID

In the last newsletter we started our series of Identification products in the Logistics industry and started with barcodes. Now the time has come to RFID technology, which rightly used can be a good complement to barcodes.RFID coded items or positions does not, as is the case with barcodes, need to be in line of sight of the reader and is less vulnerable to dirt or dark locations. Example of this can be placement under a conveyor belt where the labelled items are passing above, embedded in a warehouse concrete floor to register where the ATV, Forklift etc is picking up or delivering an item, labelling a service location for scanning and documentation of services performed etc.
Our own RFID products and systems suitable for the logistics industry are mainly working in the LF range (125kHz). This range relatively insensitive to its surroundings, working around both water, metal, ice and snow. Reading distances are typically within 50cm which naturally reduces the risk of cross-reading another tag in the vicinity. Another advantage is that the range is less regulated and antennas can be custom made to fit a specific application without needing to be tested and approved – thus allowing a high flexibility in antenna design.We do however also help out customer to whole systems, built around what is best for their application – there are after all times when a HF or UHF system is better suited to solve a particular problem.
Regarding the RFID tags, we have a large assortment of LF and other tags among our products, such as encapsulated tags for embedding in a concrete floor, small glass tags to embed in tools and machinery, UHF sticker tags for labeling of singer products or packages, even for use in the food industry. We have also tags suited for mounting on a piece of machinery or service location, that is scanned to document when the item is serviced controlled.
We will discuss our tags in more detail in a separate newsletter 2 weeks from now.