Barcode and RFID working in harmony

In some cases, RFID is the most efficient solution to a specific issue, at some times it is barcodes. At other times you might have to use both technologies to make the best outcome for the customer.

Ident System has in a couple of cases successfully combined the technologies in warehouse/logistics settings where the forklift has been equipped with both our EVS138 in a master-slave configuration to increase the reading area and an IDeal125, with an antenna mounted under the forklift to read tags embedded in the concrete floor.

When the WMS process is started, the forklift approaches the pallet to be moved and the RVS138 automatically start scanning for the code and read it- Thanks to the Master-Slave configuration of two EVS138, a large area can be scanned at a distance up to 13 meters. When the code is read the driver will get instructions where the pallet should be delivered on his terminal. This truck-mounted terminal will be communicating with both EVS138 and IDeal125 through an RS232 interface.

When the truck reaches the drop-off location, for example, a container to be loaded, the antenna mounted at the underside of the forklift reads a tag embedded in the concrete floor and either confirm that the correct destination has been reached, or raise a warning that the wrong tag has been read.

This whole WMS process is set so that it is totally automatic, with only input from the driver being when the process is started, right before the pallet is picked up. Closure of the process is done automatically only when the pallet has been dropped off at the correct destination, if the tag at the location is wrong,m the process will not close.