Our new Mini RFID Reader MR125

Identification tasks in manufacturing industries, logistics and many other areas can mostly be solved using an antenna out of our standard line of antennas. They range from 100x100x15 mm up to 400x400x15 mm. Two sizes of cylindrical antennas are also part of the standard line; M30 L70mm and M18x1 L25mm.

However, there are instances, when it would be desirable to have the reader integrated into an object e.g.a special drilling machine. This allows identification of operations on very large objects, as is the case in the Aircraft Industry. Thousands of holes have to be machined and it is important to document that the right tool has been used. The system can also register at what time the hole was drilled and how many holes have been made so that unnecessary re-sharpening can be avoided.

Although small in size (76x33x10mm) the reader can handle two antennas and many types of RFID-tags.

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