Introducing the EVS Imager series

We are happy to introduce our heavy-duty EVS Imager series EVS138 and EVS144 for industrial use.

This series is an imager-based reader with auto-focus and built-in illumination. It reads codes between 0,5 m and up to more than 10 metres depending on code density, It is very useful for industrial or mobile installations directly on the truck or AGV.

It is also equipped with smart reading which means it can find the code itself, it can also be configured to full process automation to close transactions in your software (like SAP) without any or as little manual intervention as possible. It is also possible to connect other equipment like RFID reader to the imager to get not only the code on the item but also position via RFID.

The EVS series read all common bar codes and 2D codes and are based on the latest matrix technology. It is designed to work in tough industrial environments.

The technology used in the EVS imager provides extremely good reading capabilities. It has built-in error correction and multi-directional reading.

Read more about EVS138 and EVS144 on our product page or contact us at the address below.