Identsystem Ethernet-connected 500E LF–reader

IdentSystem 500E LF reader is a compact, easy to use LF reader capable of reading both 125 kHz and 132.5 kHz tags. 500E is ideal for tracking items on conveyor belts, pallet conveyors as well as CNC machinery. 
Configuration of the unit is done through a user-friendly web interface from your browser and configuration through a serial terminal is also available. 
To further simplify usage, the reader uses our standard (and custom RFID LF-antennas). Note that there are some limitations to the size of antennas that can be used.

  • 125 and 134,2 kHz operating frequency 
  • Read-Only + Read/Write 
  • Ethernet connection to PC for communication and data transfer 
  • Configuration by web interface or serial terminal connection 
  • Wide range of antennas is available. 
  • Reading distance depending on tag, antenna and environment
  • Support the following tags:
    125kHz: HITAG1, HITAG2, HITAG3, Q5, EM4x02, EM4x05 (ISO FDX B), EM4x50, TI-RFID.
    134.2kHz: 64bit R/O (8 bytes R/O), 64bit R/W (8 bytes R/W), 1088 bit multipage (117×8 byte R/W)