IDeal 134 RFID reader for Tambour-ID applications

IdentSystem’s Ideal134 RFID reader is not installed in nice papermills Tambour-ID system all over the world.

Our solution makes system design very flexible since we can design both the tags for different tambour sizes and types of metal surroundings as well as tailor-make antenna sizes and shapes depending on positionening needs. Antannas can also be fine-tuned for optimal readability, even in difficult environments.

The system can both replace the Baumer Ident OIS-P and is ideal for new installations. Ideal134 give the user full traceability back to master systems such as MES and similar and is invaluable for operators to avoid errors in handling and to trace production and quality data.

The IDeal134 reader connects to the present Mill Executive System and will keep track of Tambour-ID, orientation and acceptable destinations. The Tambour-ID system easily integrates with various MES e.g. Honeywell Optivision, ABB Automation, Paperline and similar systems.

We have put together a short system description of our Tambour-ID solution that can be downloaded from our website here: Link to Tambour-ID pdf.
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