Barcode reader for freezing environments

Since it is winter in the Northern Part of the world, we would like to present a recent addition to our EVS138 barcode scanner, specially adapted for use in environments at freezing temperatures.

Ident System EVS138 Imager is a barcode scanner for either fixed or mobile mounting such as forklift for pallet handling.


The cold-use EVS138 can operate in freezing environments down to minus 30 degrees Celcius without sacrificing any of its original performance.

It will read all common barcodes and 2D codes. It is based on latest matrix technology and can withstand the tough industrial environments of forklift truck applications, including the shock and vibration stresses. The EVS138 imager read-head has autofocus capabilities allowing it to read codes between 0,2 m up to 13 m. The technology used in the EVS138 imager provides extremely good reading capabilities. It has built-in error correction.


  • Long reading distance (0,2 m up to 13 m depending on code density)
  • Large depth of sharpness range
  • Reads Bar code and 2D codes
  • Built-in laser pointer for aiming
  • Omni-directional reading
  • No external lamp needed
  • Operate down to minus 30 degrees Celcius

Note that only the read head is adapted to cold use, the controller will still need to be located for example beside the driver inside a forklift.

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