3D volume scanning system for packages

A while back we introduced your cooperation with CIND and their Dynamic volume scanning system for larger complex units like a pallet load on a forklift when passing through the system. Now, on demand, we are able to provide our customer a smaller 3D dimensioning system for volume measurement of stationary objects, for example, packages on the way to shipping, as an easy way to calculate the shipping cost, volume for invoicing

This system is operated by a touch screen and provide the user with 3 sets of data after the package is placed on the scale. 

  • Dimensions (height * depth * width)
  • Weight
  • Barcode label ID

It scans objects with dimensions from 5*5*5 cm up to 50*110*80 cm with a 150 cm installation height and with 200 cm installation height the dimensions are 10*10*10 cm up to 100*110’80 cm.

The system can be used as stand alone, with data presented on its touch screen, or integrated in a larger system by the communication ports.

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