Custom RFID antennas and tags

Ident System normally carries a range of specialized and standard RFID antennas and tags in stock, but we can also manufacture made-to-order to optimize our customer’s systems. In this mail, we will show some of our more common solutions but you might want to contact us to find the tag and antenna best suited for your specific needs.

Forklift positioning

For positional data of a forklift in the loading dock or factory floor so that the load is taken to and from the right place, use our floor tag. The floor tag is part of a 125 kHz LF system and is designed to be embedded in the floor – out of the way. All that is needed is to drill a small hole, drop in the tag, and refill the hole. 

In the forklift, we typically install our Ideal125 LF reader, connected to its terminal which forwards the positional data to the WMS, etc. The antenna is designed to size and mounted under the forklift.


Ideal125a rfid antenna

For Tambour identification in the paper industry, we have our LF 134.2 kHz tag especially developed for this purpose. This tag is designed to handle the high demands of ruggedness and good readability when placed against a metal surface in rough environments.

Tracking of tool usage

For tracking tools (drills, milling machines, etc) auto-selection and wear, we have a miniature glass tag working at 125 kHz. This is placed inside a milled slot in the tool and is ideally read by our handheld reader USB125 or similar.

For the packaging industry that manufactures food and beverage companies, we have a UHF wet inlay tag suited for mounting inside the carton rolls.

Do you need a large antenna that covers a wide area, or maybe a very small one to fit in a specific spot? Maybe shaped as a rectangle, square, or circle or to be fitted and screwed in a place like a bolt.